The Bohemian Paradise tourist area lies approximately 100km north-east of Prague. Jičín, Turnov, Mladá Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiště, Železný Brod, Nová Paka, Sobotka, Lomnice nad Popelkou, Semily and Kopidlno are just some of its well-known towns. The most famous natural features to be found in the Bohemian Paradise are its sandstone rock cities. In addition there are many attractive historical sites such as medieval castles, ruins and chateaux. The picturesque landscape also has many examples of traditional  architecture which are now listed buildings.

Currently, however, other interesting sites and less traditional topics are enjoying great interest. These include the baroque landscape of Jičín, renovated Jewish monuments and sites associated with the Austro-Prussian War of 1866,amongst others.

Touratlas offers you the unique opportunity to experience the Bohemian Paradise through the sites listed above.  These have been organised primarily by their history and according to general topics, so that your enjoyment of your trip to the Bohemian Paradise can begin right from the planning stage.


In addition, there are / will be individual tourist areas linked to practical printed maps, interesting souvenirs, fun and informative games, and finally a range of bonuses for purchases at selected service providers.

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big map WALLENSTEIN’S GARDEN Mariánská Garden Sobotecko Novopacko Lomnicko Mladoboleslavsko Mnichovohradišťsko Pojizeří Turnovsko Maloskalsko Sychrovsko-svijanské panství The Sychrov-Svijany Manor

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